When You Need Urgent Care

When you feel sick, you have a screaming headache for two days or are running a fever on a Saturday morning and your regular physician office is closed for the weekend, where do you go? In the past, you might have considered settling in for a lengthy wait at the emergency room. Today, you have the option of benefiting from the services of an urgent care medicine provider. Not only are the wait times considerably shorter than the local hospital’s emergency room, but the associated costs are too.

There are good reasons to find an excellent urgent care medicine Clinic near your office, school or home.

Save time. Discussing the non-urgent use of hospital emergency departments [EDs], the Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC) noted that part of the emergency room’s appeal is the ready availability of physicians. Since same-day appointments with primary care physicians {PCPs] or pediatricians are frequently difficult to get, the emergency room seems like a good choice. Yet serious life-threatening injury and illness is what the ED contends with daily, this leads to long wait times for those with less serious medical issues. PCP offices don’t have a great deal of flexibility in the daily schedule, making it difficult to get a same day appointment with the doctor. Urgent care facilities, on the other hand, do not require appointments and have qualified physicians on staff. Do yourself a favor and do not wait for your doctor to fit you into a schedule when you need medical care.

Avoid the crowds. Of the annual 124 million reported hospital ED visits, only about 4.6 million were considered true emergencies. Thirty-nine percent were urgent while 21 percent were semi-urgent. Another 8 percent were considered non-urgent. Unless you have a life-threatening condition that requires medical intervention within 15 minutes or less, you are probably better off heading to an urgent care facility that is designed to handle and welcome walk-in patients.

Excellent care. If you were to see your doctor for an acute care issue such as a laceration, sprain, short-term illness or seasonal cold, you could receive the same service at an urgent care center – without the need to wait for an appointment.

Full menu of medical services. Whether you need an x-ray or an intravenous hydration treatment, the California HealthCare Foundation explains that urgent care centers offer these types of services onsite. If you were to require these forms of treatment at your primary care physician’s office, you would most likely be referred to an ED. Additional examples of available urgent care on-site services include lab work, biopsies and excision of skin lesions.

Excellent choice for working parents with school-aged children. When taking the children out of school for a standard flu shot or immunization is not an option, consider a visit to your urgent care facility. Open evenings and on weekends, there is no need to miss work and school for routine immunizations including flu shots.

Seek a health care solution that fits your busy schedule. Why waste your time at an emergency room, or wait for a difficult-to-get appointment at a doctor’s office when choices are available when you need them? Locate your neighborhood urgent care, stop by and check out the facility, the medical providers so that when the need arises you know exactly where to walk in without an appointment.

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