What is Drip IV Therapy

Drip IV therapy deals with medications that are given intravenously (IV) either by injection or infusion. Intravenous simply denotes that the medication is sent straight into the vein with the help of needles or tubes.

Intravenous drips cannot be administered by self-medication; the help of a skilled medical personnel is essential because an IV catheter must be inserted into the vein and this is not a basic skill but an advanced skill. IV therapy  has been in use for several years to treat a hangover, dehydration, aging, malabsorption, etc.

The content of the IV drip therapy could vary depending on the patient’s condition, but most drips contain Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Calcium, and magnesium. The belief behind IV drip therapy is that infusion of a large concentration of vitamins and minerals directly into the blood is faster and more efficient than when pills are used orally and are delivered to the gastrointestinal tract.

Sunset Walk-In Healthcare offers the following Drip IV Therapy treatments

  1. Purify VIP Cleanse Cocktail
    Feeling sluggish and drained? Request our Purify, VIP Cleanse Cocktail for a fast and efficient fluid and electrolyte replacement to cleanse and reenergize your system this cocktail infusion gets you back to feeling you feel your best in a snap!
  1. Detoxify VIP Hang-over infusion Cocktail
    Hung-over after too many cocktails? Suffering with a headache and/or nausea from drinking one too many libations? Get hydrated and detoxified quickly and ready for your ‘close up’, photo shoot or business meeting with the following:
    Our doctor mixes the ultimate cocktail combination to get you back to feeling like a real human being again in record time!
  1. Glamorize Luxury VIP Beauty Cocktail
    Glowing healthy skin and hair is sexy and glamorous. Get ready for your VIP event, Red Carpet, Photoshoot or meeting the parents with our Glamorize Luxury VIP Beauty Cocktail. Our doctor’s beauty cocktail infusion will leave you feeling glamorous, hydrated and radiant.
  1. Energize
    VIP Refresher Cocktail

    Are you jet lagged? Did you stay up too late and got up too early? Need energy fast for your workday, photoshoot, VIP event or a special date? Our Energize VIP Refresher Cocktail will have you feeling ready to seize the day or night! Dr. John mixes a great energizing cocktail to jump start your system.
  1. Revitalize
    Dr. John’s VIP Cocktail

    Feeling beyond jet-lagged, over worked, under energized, run down, fatigued, and just overall off your game? Need to revitalize now, kick start your day immediately, and get back on your game pronto? Dr. John’s potent cocktail is designed specifically to your needs to revitalize you fast.

Drip IV Therapy West Hollywood

Come in, and our medical team will get you glowing again!

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