Vitamin IV, A Therapy For Detoxification

Vitamin IV Therapy for detoxification in West Hollywood at Sunset Walk-In Healthcare

Do you feel exhausted, fatigued and stressed out? Do you feel your memory slipping or having a hard time focusing? Have you tried losing weight and somehow your best efforts have been stalled? If yes, is your body properly detoxified? It is possible your body is overrun with toxins—some sort of noxious molecules which might be keeping unwell, worn-out, depressed, and making you gain unnecessary weight. Detoxification is clearly as vital as famous media houses would have you believe; the only trouble is most detoxification programs or therapies are not done in the right way. We pay attention to most of the cutting-edge “detox” programs, softwares or trends within the media almost every day, but what does detoxifying the body absolutely suggest?

Vitamin (IV) nutrient remedy is a way of feeding UV Light, oxygen, ozone, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins at once into the bloodstream. This process can correctly fix intracellular nutrient deficiencies as oral consumption of those elements in high doses is clearly not viable due to absorption restrictions from the process of digestion. Patients can receive multiple times the nutrients in a single remedy as they would have gotten if taken orally. A great example of this is the use of vitamin C whilst trying to subdue flu that may have been caused due to a viral infection. The antiviral effects of this vitamin are visible when blood levels are around 15-20 mg/dl. This level of blood is achievable via Vitamin IV therapy but impossible orally. Clinical studies have tested a variety of conditions that can enjoy the use of vitamin IV therapy besides detoxification. Among the conditions are the common cold, hepatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, COPD, hypertension, asthma and even fibromyalgia. All of the intravenous methods have been used thoroughly in the literature of science and have proven to be powerful in the remedy of certain conditions.

Vitamin IV therapy is also the first step of detoxification for recovering drug addict as part of a full rehabilitation program. After full examination by a doctor the IV therapy is intravenously administered for about a week. Depending on the specific abuse or individual circumstances, the therapy could go on for up to two weeks. Vitamin IV therapy replenishes and rebalances the imbalances that may have been formed in the brain due to the abuse of drugs or alcohol. All components of this therapy are considered extremely safe as they are natural to the body. Also, research have shown that the success rate of IV therapy as a means of rehab is over 60%, and when aided by nutritional treatment, it escalates to 75% and reaches 85% in most cases.

Use this IV therapy to boost your liver performance. It’s an excellent therapy if you are exhausted, fatigued, and having difficulties focusing, if you drink or smoke, or you are currently enrolled in a weight loss program. In addition to the health advantages of boosting your liver function, you will also gain massive focus and energy as a bonus of the higher acetylcholine levels after gained after the therapy.

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