Low Testosterone in Aging Men

Testosterone, the androgen hormone that puts the masculine in men, is a frequent challenge for  guys who are growing older and guys with signs and symptoms of diminished  sexual desire and low stamina. Low T in adult guys is frequently referred to as andropause or androgen deficiency, is now more frequently known as hypogonadism or testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS).

Low Testosterone Before Age 50?

Testosterone levels in men are at their peak from teenager into their twenties. When men reach their thirties there will be a gradual decline in testosterone levels. However, no need to worry guys your testosterone level won’t drop to zero like it does for women during menopause.

If you notice that you are experiencing symptoms such as fatigue,

Low Testosterone Muscle Mass and Belly Fat

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Testosterone plays a big role in building muscles, when you have low testosterone you will have loss of muscle mass. There are some things that you can do to sustain muscle and avoid the effects of weakness from low testosterone.

Testosterone is the hormone in males that is there to help develop muscle mass,