How can I speed up my doctor’s visit?

How To Speed Up Your Doctor's Visits

If you have ever asked yourself - How can I speed up my doctor's visit?

1. Come Prepared With Medical Records

Have all your medical records and documentation on any medical condition with you especially if you are a new patient or having a consult. Having copies of your medical history on hand will save valuable time during your visit.

2. Bring Your Prescription Bottles 

If you take a lot of medications or just a few instead of trying to remember what you take and when you take it just bring them with you. It's important your doctor knows all the medications you are on and how often you are taking them. Bringing your prescriptions with you to your doctor visit will also give your doctor a chance to review and confirm the pharmacy has correctly filled your medications.

3. Have Your Questions Ready

Take some time, a day or two before your appointment and sit down and write out your questions you have for your doctor. How many times have you been at your doctors office only to get home and remember 3 or 4 questions you forgot to ask? Come prepared chances are your doctor has heard the questions before and they can quickly answer your questions.

4. One Aliment Per Visit 

Unless you are having a physical try to keep your doctors visit to one illness per visit if you are having several medical conditions.  Most office visits are geared to blocks of 15 minutes. Usually this is adequate to cover most simple problems such as a rash, upper respiratory infection, and urinary infection just as examples. The longer you have had the problem or the vaguer the symptoms such as abdominal pain or dizziness expect to spend more time. Don’t hesitate to ask for more time.

5. Ask for Refills or Doctors Notes

At the beginning of your doctors visit ask for any prescription refills, work notes, or school notes. If you have a list of medications that need refills you can hand them to the nurse at the beginning of the visit. This gives the staff more time to work on your needs instead of adding time to the end of your visit.

6. Be Realistic in Your Expectations

Keep on topic and prioritize your aliments. For example if you are going in for a pap smear but start out talking about a headache complaint you will lose valuable time. Keep on topic with your original reason for the visit then ask questions about any other problems you might be having. This of course might result in a additional appointment to be set up in the future.

7. Don't Leave Unsatisfied 

If you feel you had a unsatisfactory doctor visit don't leave until you alert the staff. If you don't speak up while you are there the doctor and staff will assume everything went well. It is easier to address a problem or question as soon as possible while the details are fresh. If you are short on time write a quick note for the staff then follow up with a call or email later. Make them aware.

8. Keep Your Information Up To Date

Bring your insurance card and if you have received a new one since your last visit present it to the front desk when you sign in. If you have changed your phone number, address, emergency contacts, or medical insurance let the staff know when you arrive for your visit. This will avoid adding time to the end of your visit as the staff can work on the changes during your appointment.

9. Be On Time

The main reasons doctors fall behind in the daily schedule is because of patients showing up late. Often times if this happens early in the day there is a ripple effect. If you know you have a busy schedule try to schedule your appointment for early in the morning or early in the afternoon after lunch and be on time.

10. Be Flexible 

Doctor offices are there to serve patients and with that sometimes comes bad news, tragic accidents, or serious conditions that might require more time and attention.

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