Are you planning a business trip or vacation of a lifetime to a remote paradise or foreign country? Prepare now to reduce your risk of travel-related illness.

Sunset Walk-In provides:

​Comprehensive Travel Health Consultation including the risks, and special precautions for the destination
Administration of traveler’s vaccines in accordance with CDC guidelines and entrance requirements for the destination country e.g. Yellow Fever
Vaccines documented on a WHO approved International Certificate of Vaccinations card kept with passport
Prescriptions for medications to prevent malaria and treat traveler’s diarrhea as appropriate for destination.

meds for travel

Sunset Walk-In Healthcare is pleased to announce that we are accepting new General Practice patients at Sunset Walk-In Healthcare in West Hollywood, CA.  New patients with Covered California and other PPO insurance plans who want Dr. Foster as their primary care physician [PCP] are always welcomed at Sunset Walk-In Healthcare!  Let our friendly front desk know if you are registering as a General Practice new patient!