Sunset Walk-In Healthcare is pleased to announce that we are accepting new General Practice patients at Sunset Walk-In Healthcare.  New patients with Covered California and other PPO insurance plans who want Dr. Foster as their primary care physician [PCP] are always welcomed at Sunset Walk-In Healthcare!  Let our friendly front desk know if you are registering as a General Practice new patient!

As a response to requests from numerous Urgent Care patients at Sunset Walk-In Healthcare, Dr. Foster has opened a General Practice department for patients who want him as their primary care physician [PCP].  If you are seeking a PCP for yourself and your family, we would be happy to accommodate!  Please check your insurance provider network to see if Dr. Foster is listed before hand.  We participate in most PPO Plans, Covered California Plans and Medicare.  When you call the clinic or use the patient portal to register as a patient, it is important to let our staff know that you are registering for the General Practice department and want Dr. Foster as your PCP.

For others who do not want a primary care physician or for those who cannot get into seeing your primary care physician you may schedule an appointment through our Urgent Care department at  Sunset Walk-In Healthcare. When your primary care physician office is closed or cannot schedule your appointment immediately, Sunset Walk-In Healthcare is available to you and your family.

​We respect the primary care physician [PCP] – patient relationship and will work with you to close the loop in communications ensuring you have the appropriate information to provide to your PCP at your follow-up visit in their office.

Looking for VIP treatment on the Sunset Strip? You found it!    


 AUTHORIZATION FOR EXAMINATION OR TREATMENT  Print and FAX to 310-271-7759 and send a copy with your employee.