Rejuvenate With Vitamin IV Therapy

Vitamin IV therapy is the newest phenomenon of celebrities who are tired, burnt out, or looking to glamorize and rehydrate. You can experience the marvellous benefits and improved well being provided by vitamin drip therapy.

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All of our IV infusions contain essential nutrients made up of vitamins, minerals and water. These are nutrients that we need in our everyday life which our bodies cannot naturally produce on their own. Conventionally we would find these essential nutrients through food. However we often find that a lot of modern food sources are over processed and modified. This leaves many of us critically deficient in a variety of essential nutrients. Using IV infusions we can restore our bodies back to it’s peak fitness with maximum energy performance.

We understand that your time and feeling on top of your game are of the utmost importance. Our professional medical team holds your health and your anonymity in the highest regard. You may expect to be seen in a timely fashion with an appointment running approximately sixty minutes depending on the drip IV therapy treatment you are requesting. The doctor will evaluate your condition and order your infusion cocktail. While receiving your treatment, you may relax, have a bite to eat, text, or work on your mobile phone while getting your infusion treatment.

Scheduling a vitamin IV therapy session is simple; you may call our executive representative and schedule an appointment for you or for a group of your friends over the telephone:

• Detoxify [Hang-over Drip]
• Energize
• Flu Relief
• Glamorize
• Purify [Cleanse]
• Revitalize

VIP Cleanse Cocktail

Feeling sluggish and drained? Request our Purify, VIP Cleanse Cocktail for a fast and efficient fluid and electrolyte replacement to cleanse and reenergize your system this cocktail infusion gets you back to feeling you feel your best in a snap!

VIP Hang-over infusion Cocktail

Hung-over after too many cocktails? Suffering with a headache and/or nausea from drinking one too many libations? Get hydrated and detoxified quickly and ready for your ‘close up’, photo shoot or business meeting with the following:
Our doctor mixes the ultimate cocktail combination to get you back to feeling like a real human being again in record time!

Luxury VIP Beauty Cocktail

Glowing healthy skin and hair is sexy and glamorous. Get ready for your VIP event, Red Carpet, Photoshoot or meeting the parents with our Glamorize Luxury VIP Beauty Cocktail. Our doctor’s beauty cocktail infusion will leave you feeling glamorous, hydrated and radiant.

VIP Refresher Cocktail

Are you jet lagged? Did you stay up too late and got up too early? Need energy fast for your workday, photoshoot, VIP event or a special date? Our Energize VIP Refresher Cocktail will have you feeling ready to seize the day or night! Dr. John mixes a great energizing cocktail to jump start your system.

Dr. John’s VIP Cocktail

Feeling beyond jet-lagged, over worked, under energized, run down, fatigued, and just overall off your game? Need to revitalize now, kick start your day immediately, and get back on your game pronto? Dr. John’s potent cocktail is designed specifically to your needs to revitalize you fast.

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