How to Keep the Christmas Calories Away

So it begins! You know what I am talking about, those pesky Christmas calories are jing, jing, jingling their way into your body. Here are some tips to help keep those Christmas calories at bay.

Do you work out? Sometimes our days get away from us with rushing around buying Christmas gifts, going to holiday work parties, setting up decorations, and so much more. It can be hard to keep your current workout schedule, for example if you workout during the day or in the evening. Schedule your workouts at a time in the day that you're not going to run out of time and have to skip them.

Don't skip meals. During the holiday's we tend to get together with family or friends for dinners and get togethers. If you want to avoid over eating at your get together it is best to eat a light healthy snack prior to the main meal of the day. When you skip meals you're actually contributing to your weight gain. Many people think they can just skip a meal to compensate for over indulging on your aunt Debbie's mashed potatoes. Skipping meals promotes weight gain as your body tries to store food in your system.

Keep the fluids flowing, wait I mean drink water! Drinking water 30 minutes before you sit down to a Christmas feast (or any meal for that matter) will help improve your digestion as well as help with not over doing it. I know the rolls and yams are the bomb and all but make sure you eat the fruits and vegetables. Fruits and veggies will also assist in digesting and keeping your energy level up.

When it comes to snacking during the holiday months keep it low calorie and protein packed.

Get moving! Here is West Hollywood we can typically count on a nice warm sunny Christmas day. So get moving, get the family together outdoors. Play some games, take a walk, chase the kids around; burn some of those extra calories off by staying active.

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