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Bob was sleeping peacefully in la la land enjoying dreams of cocktails and good times with friends. The alarm goes off and the pounding in Bob’s head now has band members joining in blaring out of the small annoying clock radio just out of reach on his nightstand. After attempts to get his alarm to shut up by yelling at it he finally yanked it out of the wall and tossed it across the room. Whew, as Bob collapsed back on his bed. Then it hit Bob, hangover mouth! That horrible after-taste, you know the one that makes you think you spent the night licking the floor of the bar. Yeah that taste.

Bob laid there struggling to get up and regretting the night of heavy drinking, karaoke singing, and memories of drunk texting Sally from accounting. All he wanted to do is stop the pounding in his head, drink 321 gallons of water and sink back into his comfy bed and sleep for 43 days. Then Bob remembers a big meeting at work and his boss talked to him for over an hour about how he has to be on his A-Game. Freaking out and scrambling around the room Bob dropped to his knees because he only got his pants off half way when he went to sleep the night, um I mean a few hours before. That’s when Bob realized there was nothing more he could do to save himself, he might as well call in dead and start recycling cans or something.

Little did Bob know there is a hangover cure like no other. Don’t be like Bob. If you party like a rockstar make sure you hydrate like a athlete the next day.

Hangover Drip IV Therapy:

Get hydrated and detoxified quickly and ready for your ‘close up’, photo shoot or business meeting with the following:

Our doctor mixes the ultimate cocktail combination to get you back to feeling like a real human being again in record time!


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