Nothing boosts glamour better than a glowing skin and hair. Allow me to introduce to you to the newest phenomenon for fast and flawless glamourous look. The Glamorize IV Drip Therapy is a VIP personalized approach to bring back the shine in your skin and hair. It is an intravenous (through the vein) infusion that contains vitamins (A, B, C), minerals (Magnesium, Calcium) and water. This combination is supplied directly to the bloodstream, cutting off the long body processing time associated with pills, before nutrients are absorption into the blood.

We all know how hydration nourishes depleted body cells and keep the skin glowing. By hydrating the body with this IV Drip, the skin is rejuvenated and replenished with nutrients necessary for the production of elastin and collagen, which boosts the skin’s beauty and health, while producing luxurious hair. Though these nutrients are also gotten from foods, we do not get enough because most foods are over-processed or modified, leaving it short of sufficient nutrient for the body. Added to that, is the fact that being so busy (a necessary step to staying at the peak), makes it almost impossible to keep track of these nutrients, this is why Glamorize IV drip therapy is the glamour solution you need stay elegant always.

Glamorize IV Drip Therapy, supplies higher doses of nutrients to the body, with a maximal potency that nourishes and promotes healthy skin and hair. It helps you reach your beauty goal and meets your essential needs. It is personalized and leaves you feeling good and radiant for a long time.

It not only helps you achieve the flawless look you desire for that next Red-carpet, VIP outing, photo shoot, social networking dinner or family reunion, it also boosts your confidence about your look, making it rock solid, because you are certain that your glow is from within.

At Sunset Walk-in HealthCare, we have a team of well-trained professionals (Physicians, Nurses, and Technicians) and state-of-the-art equipment to take care of you and your needs. The session lasts only but 60minutes (at most), in a comfortable environment, while you lie in bed relaxing and resting. Since we understand your need for absolute privacy, our sessions and patient policy are confidential and you have no need to wait on long queues. Our care is very personalized, such that we can meet your needs on short notice as soon as you make an appointment. To top it all, there is an encrypted channel of communication with our staff, for any other details you may need.

Every 2 minutes of glamour, according to Jessica Savitch (American Journalist), takes 8 hours of hard work. With our Glamorize IV Drip Therapy, we will change your experience and journey to glamour, by replacing the hard work with a relaxing time in our beautiful facility and the 8 hours with just 60 minutes of rejuvenation. Make an appointment with us today and begin to enjoy a stress-free journey towards long-lasting radiance and glamour.

Sunset Walk-In Healthcare is pleased to announce that we are accepting new General Practice patients at Sunset Walk-In Healthcare in West Hollywood, CA.  New patients with Covered California and other PPO insurance plans who want Dr. Foster as their primary care physician [PCP] are always welcomed at Sunset Walk-In Healthcare!  Let our friendly front desk know if you are registering as a General Practice new patient!

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