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The Importance of having a General Practice Physician

Most of us only seek medical attention when we experience problems, and even then, we only interact with in-clinic physicians. What we do not realize is that the best way to take care of ourselves is to enlist the services of a General Practice physician.

A General Practice physician, also known as a family doctor or a General Practitioner (GP), is a medical practitioner who works closely with the family. Such a doctor looks over the health of his or her clients whether they are sick or not. Having a general practice physician is important for several reasons.

A GP offers Timely Services

Sometimes a person may be home and suffer an accidental fall. When such an incident occurs, an individual who has a GP would have an easier time getting medical aid compared to another without. In short, a GP is there for you anytime you need a doctor urgently.

They know you

What’s the first thing you have to do each time you visit an in-clinic doctor? You have to give them a detailed medical history. This process can be tiresome, and is easily remedied by having a General Practice physician. GPs serve their patients over time, so they are usually familiar with their medical background. Also, you’ll feel freer with a GP you’ve known for years, and they will be more capable of monitoring your lifestyle and giving you preventive advice compared to an in-clinic physician.

GPs can help you navigate the personal choices influencing your health

Your GP knows your medical background and your lifestyle habits. They are therefore more than capable of guiding you to achieving optimal psychological and physical health. A General practitioner is an integral part of your medical team. What are you waiting for? Get one today!

Sunset Walk-In Healthcare is pleased to announce that we are accepting new General Practice patients at Sunset Walk-In Healthcare in West Hollywood, CA.  New patients with Covered California and other PPO insurance plans who want Dr. Foster as their primary care physician [PCP] are always welcomed at Sunset Walk-In Healthcare!  Let our friendly front desk know if you are registering as a General Practice new patient!

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