Think Positive they said…

Can Thinking Positive Make You More Depressed?

Start thinking positive, wake up every morning and tell yourself how amazing you are. Fill your day with positive thoughts. When you have a negative thought consciously change that thought to a positive one. Have you heard this type of advice before?

There is a wealth of information out there about positive thinking and the drastic changes that could be made in your life if you just start thinking positive!

Men’s Health: Cardiovascular Disease and Superman

Cardiovascular Disease [CVD] and mortality among men in the US is not news. In 2016 CVD remains the most common cause of death for men in the U.S., it’s a fact. Of course, that fact can be changed by changing lifestyle choices. A healthy diet and lifestyle contribute to good cardiovascular health. Other conditions affected by diet and lifestyle as you age include diabetes and high blood pressure.

Men’s Health: Bone Up On Osteoporosis

Bone mass loss in men equals that of women once a man reaches age 65. Women’s bone loss starts earlier and it gets more press. But men, you are not exempt. The ability to process calcium which is essential to skeletal health decreases in both sexes; bones become fragile and prone to fracture as a result of Osteoporosis.

June is Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month – a month set aside to raise awareness of prevention, detection, and treatment of diseases that affect men and boys. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), women are 100 percent more likely to visit the doctor for annual appointments and preventative care than men, and men die at a higher rate than women from the top ten most common causes of death.