Back to school check-ups West Hollywood

Back to school check-ups West Hollywood

As a responsible parent, one has a few items on their back-to-school checklist. The items on the list could be: buying supplies for school, checking the child’s homework, making an appointment for your child’s doctor’s checkup. While it doesn’t rank as something that needs to be done promptly,

Fruits The Brain Booster

According to a newly released study by the British Journal of Nutrition, fruits may be the brain booster we have all ignored. People who eat citrus fruit frequently are less likely to get dementia according to the study. Dementia can be defined as symptoms which can include memory loss, difficulty problem solving, thinking and can lead to behavioral changes such as a change in temperament or mood.

The Truth About Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. It’s a bacterial disease caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae. It tends to target the warm and humid areas of the body. It may affect the urethra, the eyes, the throat, the vagina and the female reproductive tract. The disease has evolved and soon It might become impossible to treat.

STD Testing and Treatment WEHO

STD Testing and Treatment WEHO

You can acquire an STD from any type of sex as well as sexual contact between you and an infected individual. At Sunset Walk-in, we are highly-professional about any disease. As such, you can be confident in our testing and therapy methods. We offer top-notch services and have a broad range of medical experience in treating STIs.

TRT Doctor West Hollywood

At Sunset Walk-in, we believe in revitalizing your health. Say goodbye to low testosterone levels with our TRT  doctor West Hollywood.

Testosterone replacement therapy is a medical practice where men who have low testosterone amounts in their blood can get the levels of this hormone back to normal.

Drip IV Therapy

Drip IV Therapy at Sunset Walk-in Healthcare

What is Drip IV Therapy?

Drip IV therapy is a method of administering supplements to your body. All medication is administered intravenously, meaning solutions are injected into one of your veins. This procedure is usually used to deliver different medicines such as antibiotics and diuretics to your bloodstream.

Low Testosterone Muscle Mass and Belly Fat

Learn more about Testosterone Replacement Therapy West Hollywood

Testosterone plays a big role in building muscles, when you have low testosterone you will have loss of muscle mass. There are some things that you can do to sustain muscle and avoid the effects of weakness from low testosterone.

Testosterone is the hormone in males that is there to help develop muscle mass,

What is Drip IV Therapy

Drip IV therapy deals with medications that are given intravenously (IV) either by injection or infusion. Intravenous simply denotes that the medication is sent straight into the vein with the help of needles or tubes.

Intravenous drips cannot be administered by self-medication; the help of a skilled medical personnel is essential because an IV catheter must be inserted into the vein and this is not a basic skill but an advanced skill.