You can’t cure Type 2 Diabetes, but you can reverse it

You can’t cure Type 2 Diabetes, but you can reverse it

We’re rolling into the Diabetes Awareness month, so let’s take some time to learn about diabetes. This year, we wanted to tackle a question that many people ask but do not get the answer to. Is it true that a person can cure Type 2 diabetes just by making a few lifestyle changes?

Let’s first understand Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes occurs in two forms. Type 1 a person is born with, but Type 2 develops over time. With Type 2 diabetes, lifestyle choices and familial predisposition play a part in the likelihood that an individual will develop it. Those who ingest large amounts of carbohydrates, are overweight or are physically inactive are more likely to get Type 2 diabetes than their more active counterparts.

You can’t cure it

Because lifestyle changes play a large part in developing Type 2 diabetes, some nutritionists have postulated that switching to a healthier lifestyle could cure the condition. ‘Is this true?’ you might ask. The answer is that no, you can’t cure Type 2 diabetes, but you can reverse it. Here’s why.

Curing means that your body is completely free of Type 2 diabetes. On the other hand, reversing the condition simply refers to being healthy enough to live independently of insulin and other diabetes medication. Reversing Type 2 diabetes happens when taking up a healthier diet and an exercise routine as well as losing weight results into diabetes remission. Remission for a person with diabetes means that your body can regulate your blood sugar levels by producing and utilizing insulin. However, a person in remission can relapse. This is why it’s not accurate to say that the condition is curable.

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